Adding value to food and drink wastes and by-products through valorisation

WRAP Cymru has supported a number of businesses to find solutions for unavoidable food and drink wastes and by-products that remain once prevention, minimisation and re-use actions have been implemented and exhausted.

Valorisation is the process of adding value to these wastes and by-products, converting them into useful products, including chemicals and fuels.  This approach is attracting renewed interest in the food sector due to the fast depletion of natural and primary resources, and the need for more sustainable and cost-efficient waste management protocols. 

WRAP Cymru’s valorisation programme was established to develop innovative solutions to food and drink wastes and by-products that challenge current thinking and enable manufacturers in Wales to save money, generate new income streams and increase their revenue.

Case studies and additional resources

The following case studies demonstrate valorisation in action, including WRAP Cymru’s work with businesses in Wales such as Penderyn Distillery:

Please note that although WRAP Cymru is not currently offering valorisation support, a suite of free resources are available via our dedicated Valorisation Resources page.