The Power of Conversation

Carl Nichols

Did you know that a staggering 5.8 million potatoes are thrown away in the UK every day? Or that baking potatoes rather than boiling and mashing them can help avoid food waste?

I learned this, and much more, at a training session for WRAP Cymru organised by our colleagues Jo and Eifion, our Love Food Hate Waste cascade trainers. They work with businesses, community groups and other organisations to provide people with simple, effective tips and advice to help them prevent food waste and save money; critically they also give delegates the skills and knowledge to be able to pass on what they've learnt to their colleagues, friends and family.

It's a simple idea, but extremely effective. Independent research found that on average every person who receives Love Food Hate Waste training goes on to 'cascade' what they've learnt to 38 others. Eifion and Jo only joined WRAP Cymru this year, but already they have trained representatives from a range of organisations and Jo’s even appeared on Jason Mohammed's show on Radio Wales.

If you're in Mid, West or South Wales and want to arrange training for your organisation, workplace or group you can contact them on or

I'm a huge advocate of face-to-face communication; nothing beats sitting down with someone in the same room and simply talking. But that's not always possible or environmentally desirable, which is one of the reasons WRAP Cymru has launched its own Twitter page We'll use it update you on our work in Wales and across the UK, let you know how to apply for grants or business support and share best practice case studies and success stories from Welsh businesses which are saving money or expanding by preventing waste, recycling more, or using recycled materials.

More importantly I want to use Twitter to start a conversation and to hear your stories, recommendations and views. As a starting point I’d welcome recommendations about who WRAP Cymru should follow; feel free to suggest your own organisation.

Talking of conversations, if you’re not already taking part in the National Conversation on The Wales We Want, which is your opportunity to have your say on the Wales you want for future generations, you can learn more here.