WRAP Cymru’s Contribution to Commercial Recycling Success

Carl Nichols

Today (10 June) Natural Resources Wales published surveys of commercial and industrial and construction and demolition waste in Wales in 2012.

The reports highlight some real successes, including in the retail and wholesale sector where the recycling rate in 2012 was 80 per cent. In the commercial sector as a whole, 68 per cent of waste was recycled in 2012, compared to just 37 per cent in 2007.

WRAP Cymru has helped boost recycling through our work to develop the infrastructure for commercial waste in Wales, including by providing grants for recycling collections and reprocessing facilities. We’ve also helped grow the market for high quality recyclate through grants for manufacturers using recycled materials.  You can read more or apply for support here.

The reports also point to areas where more work is required to meet the Welsh Government’s target of recycling 70 per cent of all wastes by 2025.

Much of that work is already underway.

In 2012 WRAP launched the Hospitality and Food Service Agreement, which aims to reduce food and associated packaging waste in the sector by 5 per cent by the end of 2015 against a 2012 baseline, and increase the amount of food and packaging waste being recycled, treated by AD or composted to 70 per cent by the end of 2015.

Twenty-five of the 198 signatories and supporters of the Agreement are in Wales, including the first health board and first further education college in the UK to become signatories.

In addition, since early 2013 we’ve worked with over 100 Welsh hospitality, tourism, food or drink SMEs to help them identify how they can cut costs by preventing waste and recycling more.

We provide grants of up to £50,000 towards the cost of waste prevention or recycling equipment and cover the cost of consultancy (up to £10,000) to help businesses recognise where they can make improvements and savings. There’s still some money left for grants, so if you believe your business could benefit you can learn more or apply.

The Welsh Government highlights one of the beneficiaries of this support, EJ Catering, in a press release about the reports. You can visit this page to read the whole story.

This is just one example of the many ways in which WRAP Cymru is contributing to Wales’ zero waste ambition. I look forward to continuing to work with the Welsh Government to ensure this ambition becomes a reality.