Driving Innovation in AD: Round 2

14th December 2016

The second phase of the Driving Innovation in Anaerobic Digestion (DIAD) programme launched in 2012. WRAP’s DIAD programme aims to improve the cost and optimise the efficiency of anaerobic digestion.

Funding aimed at:
Scaling technology – taking technologies at their current scale and adapting them to meet the demands of smaller (or larger) AD facilities.
Processing and enhancing digestate – technologies which reduce the cost of digestate management or increase the value of the digestate in economic terms.
Proof of market of AD technologies – technologies, solutions and methods which are at the end of the research and development (R&D) stage



To find information on the feasibility studies and full-scale demonstration projects is available in the chapters. Check back regularly for updates.





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Scailing Technology






Micro-scale AD

Read report



Cellulosic fibre cleaning for high throughput AD

Read report



Small farm-scale dry AD for farm yard manures

Read report


NNFCC and CNG Services Ltd.

Biogas networks in rural areas

Read report


Safe Training Systems

The development of low cost, installed systems to monitor siloxanes in biogas

Read report


Read report

Farm Gas Power

Small Farm De-gritting and SIDOM Conditioning Digester

Read report


Processing and enhancing digestate

Company Description Feasibility  Demonstration


Granular fertiliser from anaerobic digestate liquor Read report   

Harper Adams Energy

Recycling nutrients and water from digestate  


Proof of market, AD technologies

Company Description Feasibility Demostration
Community by Design Optimising community urban micro AD networks Read report   Read report
Perceptive Engineering  Optimisation of small-scale AD using Intelligent Predictive Control Read report   Read report
CNG Services Low cost propane blending Read report   Read report
CWM Harry Land Trust Efficient use of AD by-products (heat and CO2) to power a profitable phosphate recycling technology Read report   

Round 1

To find out more about the projects and studies undertaken in Round 1 of the scheme, please use the link below: 

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