Luton Borough Council separate food waste collection trial

Profile of WRAP funded trial of separate food waste collections 2007-2009.  As well as providing financial support, WRAP provided advice on the design and roll out of the trials and on communications materials.

Details of trial

  • Collection start date: 25 June 2007
  • Collection frequency: Weekly
  • Collection containers: 7 litre food waste caddy, 21 litre outside food waste container
  • Description of Trial Area: 8,400 households across 5 rounds, all in urban area covering semi-detached, detached, terraced houses and council houses.
  • Liners provided: Liners distributed with bins. Replenishing them on request by the crew collecting bins and by LBC call center.
  • Support supplied by WRAP: Purchase of containers and liners.  Staff and vehicle costs. Communications advice and printing.  Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Collection vehicle used: 7.5 tonne truck from Woodend
  • AD facility being used and location: Bedfordia Biogas Plant, Milton Ernest, Bedfordshire, MK44 1YU
  • Collection Contractor: LBC in house collection service

Background information

  • Local authority size: 74,954 households
  • Existing food waste collection: None
  • Exisiting garden waste collection: 240 and 140 litre brown bin collected fortnightly. For narrow access roads we provide garden waste reusable sacks. No collection during Christmas and January.
  • Refuse collection – frequency and containers used: Weekly, 240 and 140 litre black bins
  • Recycling collection – frequency and containers used: Fortnightly, 140 and 240 litre green bins