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Opportunities for the Red Meat Sector in Wales to reduce waste and increase profits

17th July 2018

One of the main challenges for the red meat sector is to become more efficient and therefore more competitive.

There are 19 abattoirs across Wales, 16 of which are small or medium sized enterprises (SME).

Working with 4 of the SMEs WRAP Cymru and Hybu Cig Cymru identified the following top opportunities for abattoirs to reduce waste and increase profits: 

  1. Reviewing abattoir expenditure to become more resilient (including Animal By-Products and waste). 
  2. Examining collaborative business ventures to reduce processing and waste disposal costs. 
  3. Investigating ways to add value to food products or waste products (e.g. pet food or energy generation). 
  4. Training for livestock farmers and for abattoir staff to reduce waste on site

Refer to the case study and report to find out more.