Organic waste is a significant component of the overall waste that we produce in Wales.

We are working to minimise organic waste at source, promote its separate collection, and turn it into compost and biofertiliser. We are also working with farmers, growers, crop consultants and product suppliers to build demand and create new markets for quality compost and biofertiliser.

Developing quality compost

The BSI PAS 100 for composted materials was sponsored by WRAP and developed in conjunction with the Association for Organics Recycling (AFOR). It improves confidence in composted materials among end-users, specifiers and blenders, and helps producers differentiate products that are safe, reliable and of high performance.

Using Quality Compost in Landscaping

This presentation formed part of a workshop organised by WRAP Cymru and Welsh Slate, which highlighted the way in which BSI PAS 100 quality compost can be used in landscaping.

Developing infrastructure for anaerobic digestion

Anaerobic digestion is a growth area in Wales, proving an effective way to handle organic waste while producing energy.  WRAP Cymru is helping Wales increase its infrastructure for anaerobic digestion facilities.