Waste – how much is it costing me?

Waste prevention will save you money. Use our simple ‘waste calculator’ to get a rough estimate of how much you could save.

Input your volumes of waste by disposal route and the amounts of food you redistribute for human consumption or animal feed. Our calculator estimates:

  • How much you could save by preventing waste.
  • How your company is performing against the waste hierarchy;

Follow WRAP’s 5-5-5 approach to ensure you are taking the most effective steps to reducing waste and use the W.A.S.T.E. problem-solving tool to help you do this.

Calculating the true value of your waste

Many companies consider the cost of waste as just the disposal cost but to get to the true value you need to take into account: the cost of the ingredients, packaging, energy, water, labour, storage, transport and lost margin as well as disposal costs.

WRAP’s formula for calculating the true cost of waste