Technologies for Sorting End of Life Textiles

9th May 2016

This report provides a technical and economic evaluation of technological options available for sorting bulky textiles.

Key findings
Of all bulky waste in the UK around 19% consists of textiles; this is around 310,000 tonnes.
Around 30% of this material has potential for re-use



WRAP has undertaken research to understand the composition of bulky waste in terms of item type and re-use potential of items collected via Bulky Waste Collection (BWC) and at Household Waste and Recycling Centres (HWRCs).

This research is essentially in order to identify the barriers and opportunities for the reuse of bulky items across the UK and assess opportunities for re-use organisations.

The research recorded all bulky waste by analysing call centre logs for bulky waste kerbside collections, compositional analysis of kerbside collected bulky waste for re-use potential and surveying individuals depositing bulky items at HWRCs.

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