Recycle Week 2021: BE MIGHTY – customisable social media assets with instructions


We’ve supplied the customisable social media assets as Adobe InDesign files, with campaign fonts (and tailored versions of the ‘Wales Recycles’ logos for all local authorities). Using these files, you have the option to customise copy and add your brand or organisation. We’ve also included here instructions on how to edit these files.

Last Updated

1 September 2021

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pdf, zip


Web & social media


Wales Recycles Be Mighty. Recycle. Recycle Week



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  • Customisable social media posts instructions

    PDF, 240.09 KB

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  • Social media assets - customisable Facebook & Instagram statics

    ZIP, 798.58 MB

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  • Social media assets - customisable Twitter statics

    ZIP, 797.52 MB

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