Funded by the Welsh Government, the Circular Economy Plastics Mapping Tool has been developed by WRAP Cymru with support from Resilience Sustainable Solutions and Green Edge Applications Limited. 

The Plastics Map is intended to help support greater collaboration between the many businesses that make up Wales’ plastics sector.  It provides businesses with the opportunity to further enhance their understanding of the plastics industry with the overarching aim of creating a plastics circular economy within Wales.

An Introduction to the Plastics Map

What does the Plastics Map do?

The Plastics Map is designed to:

  1. Enable Wales to create a plastics circular economy by providing information about companies at each step of the supply chain.
  2. Provide important information about the plastics industry in Wales, including the types of plastic recyclate available.
  3. Make it easier for manufacturers to find the materials they need to create recycled plastic products.

Who is the Plastics Map for?

The Plastics Map is for manufacturers of plastic products to source recyclate, waste companies and waste reprocessors to identify potential manufacturing customers who may use their recyclate or who need to source waste plastics for reprocessing.

The Plastics Map does not provide waste duty of care information about waste companies. Please seek advice from Natural Resources Wales using the public registers on their website.

Data Sources

We have sourced our data from Companies House, Natural Resources Wales and in addition, we have supplemented this data directly from information given to us by manufacturers, recyclers and other waste companies.  All data was collectively sourced between 2018 and 2020.

To the best of WRAP's knowledge the data are up to date as of September 2020. If you have any queries about the tool, or would like to add (or update) the details of your business in the Plastics Map, please contact us at

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