Agriculture film

Agricultural Film Project

WRAP Cymru recently conducted research to better understand the opportunities that currently exist around recycling of agricultural film and producing film with recycled content in Wales.

One of the main issues with agricultural film is the level of contamination from soil and other debris in the recovered material. To help address this issue, thanks to Welsh Government funding, WRAP Cymru has commissioned a project to compare cleaning techniques during the recycling of agricultural film.

The aim of the project would determine the level of recycled content that could be achieved back into film and consider the economics of the optimised cleaning steps when compared against the results. The project will evaluate the blown films for processability, mechanical properties and suitability for use back into agricultural films.

We hope to drive demand for recycled agricultural film in Wales and contribute to the Welsh circular economy. Our work to create a circular economy is essential if the world is to reach Net Zero. This means reducing waste, re-using materials for as long as possible, and creating new more sustainable business models.

We look forward to reporting progress updates and key learnings.