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Useful websites

  • My Recycling Wales. This website allows citizens to browse Welsh local authorities (LAs) and see what happens to their waste across the UK, and even around the world. 
  • Collections Blueprint: Best Practice in High Diversion. This website holds case studies that illustrate how, through adoption of Welsh Government’s Collections Blueprint, LAs are achieving greater consistency of service across Wales and delivering on the ambitious targets set out in Welsh Government’s Towards Zero Waste strategy. 
  • Local Authority Recycling Scheme Updater (LARSU). This website allows LAs to view and update their waste and recycling scheme information held by WRAP. This information feeds into the ‘Recycling Locator’ (mentioned below). The data is also annually fixed to the financial year and is displayed in the ‘Local Authority Waste and Recycling Information Portal’ (also mentioned below).
  • Recycling Locator. This online search facility allows citizens to find out what they can recycle at home or in their local area. LAs are responsible for updating information about their own local collections and services via the LARSU online system (mentioned above), which feeds into the Recycling Locator.
  • Local Authority Waste and Recycling Information Portal. This portal provides access to data on LA recycling and waste schemes in the UK, as well as performance benchmarks for kerbside dry and residual collections.

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