Using Recycled Content – Supply Chain Demonstration Project

Polyethylene (PE) and Low-density Polyethylene (LDPE) Trial for the Construction Sector

We are working in collaboration with more than 20 partner organisations to deliver supply chain demonstration projects. Funded by the Welsh Government, each project will showcase how commercial and technical barriers to increasing recyclate – particularly plastic – in Welsh manufacturing can be overcome.

The aim of this particular trial is to overcome barriers to using recycled LDPE in construction products – specifically, twin skin mortar tubs – manufactured via rotational moulding.  There are currently concerns around the long-term supply of suitable recycled material that can also be remanufactured into the required colours, and the robustness of products for a sector that requires hard-wearing goods with strict performance criteria.

However, the objective of this project is to demonstrate that it is indeed possible to successfully incorporate up to 80% recycled content – PE and LDPE film – into twin skin mortar tubs, which are equally as resilient and as robust as their virgin counterparts.

A circular take-back model will subsequently be explored to facilitate the collection of waste mortar tubs as a means of securing recycled content feedstock.  This closed-loop approach could be replicated across the industry – and other sectors – in Wales and beyond.

Trial partners include: Resilience Sustainable Solutions Ltd (lead partner); Cardiff University’s Business School and School of Engineering; Corilla Plastics Ltd; and Green Edge Applications Ltd.

Further supply chain demonstration projects

In total, WRAP Cymru has embarked upon four projects to demonstrate the environmental and economic case for the use of recycled content in manufacturing.  For information regarding the other three trials, please use the following links:

Black recycled plastic tub with mobius loop

Corilla recycled 250 litre mortar tub

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