Using Recycled Content – Supply Chain Demonstration Project

Polypropylene (PP) Trial for the Medical Sector and Houseware Product Sector

We are working in collaboration with more than 20 partner organisations to deliver supply chain demonstration projects. Funded by the Welsh Government, each project will showcase how commercial and technical barriers to increasing recyclate – particularly plastic – in Welsh manufacturing can be overcome.

The main aim of this particular trial is to overcome a lack of market confidence, whereby manufacturers consider that long-term recycled content supply volumes and consistency represent too high a risk to introduce it into their products.

Target products include the following, which are all manufactured from a PP material, each with a different specification in terms of physical characteristics and mechanical performance.

  • A light-coloured, 2.5l, indoor food waste / compost caddy, manufactured from a PP co-polymer;
  • a natural-coloured translucent flap, supplied as part of a medical sharps container, manufactured from a PP homopolymer; and a black medical sharps container, which requires a low-temperature, impact-resistant PP to meet compliance standards. Find out more

The objective of this trial is to demonstrate the successful utilisation of 100% recycled content for the manufacture of these products, using alternative processes, such as in-mould labelling, to overcome material limitations with respect to colour, surface finish and visual contamination.

It is hoped that this will provide a stimulus for alternative thinking in product design, which will ultimately drive demand for recycled PP and strengthen the circular economy in Wales and beyond.

Trial partners include: Technia Business Solutions Ltd (lead partner); Addis Housewares Ltd; Frontier Plastics Ltd; and Synergy Plastics Ltd.  We are also working with other organisations, such as Bangor University’s BioComposites Centre and Swansea University’s College of Engineering.

Further supply chain demonstration projects

In total, WRAP Cymru has embarked upon four projects to demonstrate the environmental and economic case for the use of recycled content in manufacturing.  For information regarding the other three trials, please use the following links:

Yellow plastic sharp safe & silver plastic food caddy

Sharpsafe and Addis Kitchen Caddy

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