Using Recycled Content – Supply Chain Demonstration Project

High-density Polyethylene (HDPE) and Polypropylene (PP) Trial for the Construction Sector and Transport of Hazardous Goods

We are working in collaboration with more than 20 partner organisations to deliver supply chain demonstration projects. Funded by the Welsh Government, each project will showcase how commercial and technical barriers to increasing recyclate – particularly plastic – in Welsh manufacturing can be overcome.

The aim of this particular trial is to identify, test and prove evidence-based solutions to addressing industry-wide barriers to incorporating recycled content into the following target products:

  1. lightweight polymer-cement composites, used in building construction and restoration;
  2. waste paper-plastic composites, creating water-resistant replacements for rainforest timber; and
  3. containers designed for UN certification for the transport of hazardous goods.

It is anticipated that tried and tested solutions will provide confidence to manufacturers that waste materials, which are deemed to be low-value, can be utilised for the production of economically-viable, compliant end products; thereby minimising the fear of perceived implications, such as increased energy consumption and reduced quality.  

Demonstrating an innovative approach that enables recycled HDPE and PP to perform just as well as their virgin counterparts would represent a world first, with Welsh manufacturers leading the way.

Trial partners include: Nextek Ltd (lead partner); Berry Global; Polymer Extrusions Ltd; and Viridor.

Further supply chain demonstration projects

In total, WRAP Cymru has embarked upon four projects to demonstrate the environmental and economic case for the use of recycled content in manufacturing.  For information regarding the other three trials, please use the following links:

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