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What we do

A thriving world in which climate change is no longer a problem

WRAP is a climate action NGO working around the globe to tackle the causes of the climate crisis and give the planet a sustainable future. We were established in the UK in 2000; we now work in 40+ countries.

We shouldn’t waste our natural resources. Everything we use should be re-used and recycled.

WRAP can help you to protect the planet by changing the way things are produced, consumed and disposed of.

Find out how WRAP Cymru is making an impact in Wales:

Public Sector Procurement

The Welsh public sector spends approximately £6billion each year on goods and services. As such, there is significant opportunity for public bodies to use procurement to achieve positive environmental, economic and social outcomes.

Funded by the Welsh Government, WRAP Cymru is supporting public bodies in Wales to embed sustainability into their procurement strategies and activities.

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Circular Economy Fund

Manufacturing products containing recycled content and extending the useful life-time of products is central to the achievement of a circular economy. The £6.5million Circular Economy Fund – a Welsh Government initiative, delivered by WRAP Cymru – is helping to accelerate Wales’ shift towards this.

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Collaborative Change Programme

The Collaborative Change Programme provides support to help Welsh local authorities develop and deliver detailed plans to achieve the outcomes of Wales’ waste strategy, Beyond Recycling.

Local authorities can apply to WRAP Cymru for a range of strategic and technical support and communications advice; regarding service changes, for example.

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Citizen Behaviour Change

WRAP has a team of highly skilled specialists, with experience in designing, delivering, and measuring effective behaviour change solutions and interventions.

WRAP’s citizen campaigns empower individuals to act, through inspiring messages and practical advice. One such campaign is Recycle Now, which includes Wales' national recycling campaign, Wales Recycles.

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Where WRAP works

WRAP works across six continents on food waste, plastic packaging, clothing and textiles, and collections and recycling.

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WRAP’s services

WRAP’s expertise lies in business voluntary agreements, citizen behaviour change, technical support, funding for organisations through fund management, and policy and insights.

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How WRAP works

WRAP’s approach is through gathering evidence, collaboration, facilitation and delivery, and evaluation.

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