Local Authority Support in Wales

The Collaborative Change Programme for Wales offers strategic and technical support to help local authorities develop and deliver detailed plans to achieve the outcomes of the Wales Waste Strategy - Towards Zero Waste

Programme details

The process to assist local authorities covers four key phases: 

  1. Business planning toolkit
  2. Identification of gaps and changes needed to achieve targets
  3. Detailed planning with forward cost forecast
  4. Implementation of the plan

Local authorities can apply for a range of strategic and technical support and communications advice on:

  • Service/operations reviews
  • Participation monitoring
  • Route planning
  • Business planning
  • Procurement advice and support
  • Service and change management
  • Enabling partnership working
  • Assistance with marketing recyclate to increase revenue
  • Skills/capacity building
  • Communications and raising awareness

For further information please contact Emma Hallett on 07970 291676 emma.hallett@wrap.org.uk