Getting Started

The demonstrations below show you how to get the information you need from the Materials Map.

Search by Site Type

You can use this search facility to look for companies within your supply chain by selecting the type of site you need.  

If you are a waste company looking for manufacturers who may use your recycled material, filter by 'manufacturer'. 

If you're a manufacturer looking for recyclate, or a waste site looking to send your waste to be recycled, filter by one of the 'reprocessor' options.

If you're a reprocessor looking for wastes to recycle, filter by 'waste sites'.

Useful functions include:

  • You can filter by region under the “select region” box on the map e.g. South East Wales.
  • You can click the drop-down menu to show companies within your selection criteria.
  • You can hover over a dot on the map, which represents a site, to show more site details. Where information is available, you can find the exact type of material you are looking for.