Mainetti’s closed loop system delivers both environmental and commercial advantages.


As issues regarding the environmental impacts of products are of increasing concern to businesses and consumers, retailers, garment producers and their supply chains are all seeking to make better use of the resources available to them. One company for which good environmental practice is a prime consideration is the Mainetti Group.

Mainetti is the largest global supplier and recycler of plastic garment hangers with recycling plants across the globe. At their Wrexham-based centre, 350 million hangers and accessories from the UK market are re-used and recycled annually, preventing them from being disposed to landfill. A total of 260 million hangers are reclaimed and reused each year with the remaining being processed to recover 5,000 tonnes of plastic material, which is then used to make brand new hangers at their manufacturing sites in the UK and abroad. The result is that a closed loop, circular system has been created – with a carbon footprint reduction of 75%. All material generated through the granulation of the old hangers is reused to manufacture new products.

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