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New Supply Chain Projects

WRAP’s innovative supply chain trials work with businesses in Wales to increase the use of recycled material in products and ensure these products can be recycled.

Funded by Welsh Government, WRAP and multiple supply chain project partners aim to drive market confidence in using post-consumer recycled materials in products already on the market by demonstrating the economic and environmental benefits of doing so.

WRAP have commissioned three new supply chain trials to showcase how manufacturers can overcome challenges to increase the use of recycled materials in products made in Wales, while reducing a reliance on virgin materials. WRAP has appointed a lead partner for each trial. We will work with these partners and their supply chains to overcome barriers to using more sustainable materials and reduce the carbon footprint of products in Wales.

Nextek, a consultancy who provide solutions to the challenges of plastics recycling, are leading a project to demonstrate that waste plastic materials with no existing end-market can be used in  high-performance building products. Following on from a previous project, their work will also focus on creating markets for complex polymeric waste from cars, large domestic appliances and packaging.

A second project with partner Resilience Sustainable Solutions, a Wales-based consultancy who help organisations develop and embed sustainability solutions, is investigating the feasibility of collecting aggregate waste bags and turning these into new packaging for materials for sand and gravel. The trial will aim to establish a closed-loop recycling model for waste aggregate bags. 

A third project with BIC Innovation, a Welsh consultancy that specialise in innovation and growth, will consider three different manufacturing types – blow moulding, extrusion moulding and injection moulding. The solution likely to deliver the greatest economic, environmental and social benefits will be developed for market readiness.

WRAP’s work to support businesses in Wales has global impact. A previous trial with Vernacare developed sharps containers made from up to 100% recycled content that are now used by the NHS and healthcare facilities around the globe. These new trials will help ensure recycled materials can be used in durable products to deliver economic and environmental benefits.

We look forward to sharing updates throughout the duration of the supply chain trials.