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Citizen behaviour change

Creating sustainable behaviour change

WRAP’s work in creating sustainable behaviour change began back in 2000, with the launch of our citizen-facing Recycle Now brand.

Since then, our approach has grown and adapted, but remains underpinned by robust research and evaluation. Having built up our in-house capabilities, we collaborate strategically with partners across the UK and wider, combining our skills to lead to long-term behaviour change.

How does WRAP create sustainable behaviour change?

We target the audience segments, behaviours, and areas where we can make the biggest impact. By understanding our target audiences, and working with key stakeholders, we test, learn, and adapt. If something does not go to plan, we find out why, and then change it.

Our aim is to make people understand why they need to make a change and then help them make and maintain new habits.

Designing behaviour change interventions

WRAP has a team of highly skilled specialists, with experience in designing, delivering, and measuring effective behaviour change solutions and interventions. All based on thorough, detailed insights, we use our understanding of the ‘problem’ to develop simple and practical solutions that drive measurable action.

Delivering citizen campaigns

WRAP’s citizen campaigns empower individuals to act, through inspiring messages and practical advice. We have embraced the power of social media and use channels which resonate most with hard-to-reach audiences, measuring and monitoring traffic on a regular basis.

Our portfolio of brands and campaigns include Recycle Now and Love Food Hate Waste.

Wales Recycles

As part of the Recycle Now brand, Wales Recycles is the national recycling campaign.

Supported and funded by the Welsh Government and adopted by local authorities and other partners across Wales, the campaign aims to encourage citizens to recycle more things more often from all around the home.

Wales currently boasts the highest recycling rate in the UK, and third in the world.


My Recycling Wales

Funded by Welsh Government and managed by WRAP Cymru, the My Recycling Wales website allows you to browse Welsh local authorities and see what happens to local authority-collected recycling, within the UK and even around the world. 

It presents up-to-date data on:

  • The recycling rate for Wales as well as for each individual local authority, year on year.
  • The recycling services provided by each local authority. 
  • the destination of recycling collected for a variety of specific materials, such as paper, metals, plastic and glass, for Wales as well as for each individual local authority.
  • The amount and type of specific materials recycling that’s collected in Wales.

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