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Circular Economy Fund

We are not currently accepting applications for grants.

Welsh Government and WRAP Cymru realise that many organisations are facing significant challenges resulting from COVID-19. In response, we have implemented changes to the £6.5million Circular Economy Fund, which are designed to support even more organisations and more quickly.

In addition to funding the use of recycled materials in products, WRAP Cymru is now able to support preparation for re-use, refurbishment and re-manufacturing activities in Wales. These include the production of sustainable goods to aid the global fight against coronavirus.

Manufacturing products containing recycled content and extending the useful life-time of products is central to the achievement of a circular economy. The Circular Economy Fund is helping to accelerate Wales’ shift towards this, whilst facilitating business growth and the creation of new jobs. Its purpose is to enable capital investment in keeping resources in use for as long as possible, instead of being incinerated or going to landfill, and to drive demand for secondary materials.

Eligible projects must:

  • increase the use of recycled plastic, paper / card or textiles in existing or new products; or
  • extend the life-time of products / materials through preparation for re-use, refurbishment or re-manufacturing activities, with a particular focus on furniture (soft and hard), electrical equipment, and clothing, textiles, and shoes (projects seeking to use other materials will be considered on a case-by-case basis).

Organisations of any size, which are operating in Wales, may apply for a capital grant to invest in infrastructure and equipment for eligible circular activities.

For more information – including eligibility criteria, guidance documents, FAQs, application forms and submission deadlines – please refer to the pages below. You can also learn about the Circular Economy Fund by watching the recording of our recent webinar, which can be found on YouTube.


    (projects from £75,000 to £335,000)

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    (projects from £335,000, with maximum grant of £770,000)

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Further grant and investment opportunities

In addition to the Circular Economy Fund - delivered by WRAP Cymru exclusively for organisations in Wales - WRAP manages grants, loans and investments for eligible organisations across the rest of the UK and beyond.

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