Using Recycled Content – Supply Chain Project

High-density Polyethylene (HDPE) and Polypropylene (PP) Trial for the Construction Sector and Transport of Hazardous Goods

The objective of this project is to identify, test, and prove evidence-based solutions to incorporate recycled content into lightweight polymer-cement composites; waste paper-plastic and metallised composites; and containers designed for UN certification for the transport of hazardous goods.

It is anticipated that tried and tested solutions will provide confidence to manufacturers that low-value waste materials can be used for the economic production of high-quality products. We hope to minimise the fear of perceived implications, such as increased energy consumption, and reduced quality.

Lightweight polymer-cement composites, used in building construction and restoration

Waste paper-plastic and metallised composites – made from shredded single-use coffee cups and crisp packets transformed into waterproof building materials. Click here for progress update

Containers designed for UN certification for the transport of hazardous goods. Click here for progress update

Trial partners include: Nextek Ltd (lead partner); Berry Global; Polymer Extrusions Ltd; Ecodek; Viridor; and University of South Wales, Advanced Material Testing Centre.

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