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Supply chain demonstration projects

Funded by the Welsh Government, we are working in collaboration with more than 20 partner organisations of different sizes, from both the private and public sectors, to deliver four supply chain demonstration projects. These will showcase how barriers to increasing recyclate – particularly plastic – in Welsh manufacturing can be overcome. We are seeking to address both commercial and technical challenges – such as using recycled materials in products that need to withstand wear and tear – whilst highlighting economic viability and environmental benefits.

It is estimated that on average, plastic packaging manufactured in Wales contains over 30% recycled content. However, this drops to just 10-14% within all other (non-packaging) plastic products manufactured in Wales. Therefore, one of our key objectives is to provide the sector with evidence that will increase their confidence and ability to use recycled materials in their products.

It is hoped that successful demonstration trials will act as a catalyst for widespread change; reducing reliance on virgin polymers and keeping resources in use for as long as possible. Not only would this benefit the environment, but it could also be commercially advantageous for businesses.

For information regarding each demonstration project, please use the following links:

LDPE and LLDPE Agricultural Waste Trial

The aim of this particular trial is to demonstrate the use of recycled LDPE and LLDPE – derived from agricultural film, such as crop cover and silage wrap – in the manufacture of rotationally moulded products.

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HDPE and PP Trial for the Construction Sector and Transport of Hazardous Goods

The aim of this particular trial is to identify, test and prove evidence-based solutions to addressing industry-wide barriers to incorporating recycled content.

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PP Trial for the Medical Sector and Houseware Product Sector

The main aim of this particular trial is to overcome a lack of market confidence, whereby manufacturers consider that long-term recycled content supply volumes and consistency represent too high a risk to introduce it into their products.

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PE and LDPE Trial for the Construction Sector

The aim of this particular trial is to overcome barriers to using recycled LDPE in construction products – specifically, twin skin mortar tubs – manufactured via rotational moulding.

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A global circular economy for plastics

In addition to WRAP Cymru's work to accelerate the shift to a Welsh circular economy, WRAP is working with businesses across the plastics value chain throughout the UK and internationally.

Through the Plastics Pact network, we are transforming how we make, use, collect, sort, re-use and recycle plastics to create a global circular economy, capturing the value of plastic, keeping it in the economy and out of the natural environment.

Working with key partners, WRAP's voluntary agreements are transforming whole systems - uniting businesses, governments and citizens behind a shared vision and measurable targets for change.

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