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Our ‘Local Benefits Calculator’ tool is designed to calculate how much energy can be saved if every Household in a Local Authority (LA) recycled one more ‘item’ each month. It has been created to support LAs in Wales to convert their tonnages into energy-related messages. The data used to create this calculator is Wales specific.

LAs may input the number of Households in their LA area, and the spreadsheet will automatically update to calculate how much energy can be saved by recycling one more of each ‘item’ each month. Energy saved is shown in terms of days or weeks to power a typical primary school, a hospital and a public library.

LAs may use this data in their campaigns and communications to encourage and motivate residents to recycle more of their waste.
Footnotes have been used to explain the source of information or formulas used for the calculation.

Please note: Whilst none of the calculations used in this tool are confidential, some of the data is. We’ve noted the source of all the data used within the Tool, but we don’t have permission to publish all the data due to certain licensing agreements. If you have any questions about this, please contact

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19 October 2021

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