Workplace recycling: imagery for recycling signage and containers

From 6 April 2024, it will become law for all businesses, charities and public sector organisations in Wales to sort their waste for recycling.

The new law also applies to all waste and recycling collectors and processors who manage household-like waste from workplaces.

Welsh Government is introducing this law to improve the quality and quantity of how we collect and separate waste.

Below, you can download all the bilingual material stream icons you might need to create stickers for your recycling and non-recyclable waste containers (bags, bins, boxes or caddies), and to use on signage, to help you inform your customers about what goes where.

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How to use the assets

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If you choose to further separate the materials you collect, for example, to collect card separate from paper, click here to view the full selection of material stream icons.

More support

For more support, tools and guidance to help you set up separate recycling facilities in your organisation, visit The Business of Recycling Wales website.

For more information about the Workplace Recycling Regulations, visit

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Icons for the materials that will need to be separated and collected separately:

Icons for the metals, plastics and cartons, should you choose to collect these separately (instead of combined/mixed):

Icons for other materials that will need to be separated and collected separately, if you produce this waste: