This guidance document supports the Welsh Government’s ambition to deliver a circular economy for Wales.

Beyond Recycling highlights the critical role of public sector procurement in the transition to a circular economy and identifies procurement as a key lever to achieving change. With a £6bn annual spend, the public sector has significant influence in shaping the market and pushing sustainable resource use to the fore.

This short, practical guide provides a Sustainable Procurement Hierarchy together with guiding principles and examples. Developed specifically for public sector organisations in Wales it can be used to make product purchasing decisions and embed circular economy principles at the core of your organisation’s strategy to achieve low-carbon and Well-being of Future Generations (Wales) Act 2015 goals.

Webinar recording

On Wednesday 30 June 2021, WRAP Cymru held a webinar to talk through the Sustainable Procurement Hierarchy Guidance, and case studies.

The webinar recording is available at:

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