In 2021, the Welsh Government unveiled its ambitious 'Beyond Recycling Strategy,' a blueprint for transforming Wales into a circular economy. To gauge citizen behaviours and track progress in re-use, repair, and rental/leasing, WRAP has revamped its 2015 3Rs (Reduce, Re-use, Recycle) survey.

The online survey was conducted between March 17-22 2023 and engaged 1,002 Welsh adults across 13 priority product categories. The categories include furniture, DIY and gardening equipment, large appliances, small kitchen electricals and electronics, and more.

Key survey findings

  • Cost savings drive circular behaviours: The primary driver for circular acquisition behaviours is cost savings. Enjoyment of a 'good deal' and the ability to afford otherwise unattainable items also motivate citizens.
  • Systemic changes needed: Achieving ambitious Beyond Recycling targets necessitates systemic changes. Policy, investment, and communication interventions across public, business, and citizen realms are vital.

Circular models and citizens' behaviours (based on items listed in the survey category)


  • 33% of Welsh citizens recently bought second-hand items.
  • 60% are open to purchasing pre-loved items.

Leasing and rental

  • 37% are open to long-term leasing.
  • 58% lease or are open to short-term leasing.

Re-use and repair cafés

  • 36% repair items themselves or professionally.
  • 73% are open to future repairs for cost savings and longevity.
  • 35% are aware of repair cafés, and 44% would consider using one.

Information portal

66% express interest in an information portal on repair, rental, and reuse options in their area.


The key barrier to selling or donating an item is the condition it is in (reported by 38% and 44%, respectively) and also the hassle associated with selling (35%).

Next steps

While these findings provide an initial understanding of citizens concerns, motivations, openness and behaviours further analysis is needed to identify tools for facilitating behaviour change across target categories. The data offers a foundation for future exploration of circular models.

Explore the detailed findings and implications in the full report here.

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