Getting Started

The demonstrations below show you how to get the information you need from the Materials Map. 


You can find information about the organisations who produce plastic and paper products and collect and recycle waste plastics and paper in different ways. The demo below provides an overview of the tool and how to navigate to the different search options.

Useful functions include:

  • You can search for the materials you need in four ways: “Site Types” “Plastic and paper Tonnages” “Local Authority Summary” and “Permit types”. Each search type is described in more detail in the following sections.
  • There are instructions in each tab to show you how to use the screen - click on the 'i' button for more help.
  • You can hover over top left of map to show pan and zoom features within each tab.
  • To navigate, please don't use your browser's back button, use the buttons in the bottom right of the screen (undo, redo and reset).
  • You can share and download your search outputs to pdf and power point documents by using the buttons in the bottom right of the screen.