Getting Started

The demonstrations below show you how to get the information you need from the Materials Map.

Search by Permit Types

This tab shows waste sites which handle plastics and paper under a permit or exemption. The type of permit or exemption provides information about the processes carried out, for example, if you're looking for shredded plastic to turn into pellets, select 'preparatory treatments'. Transfer stations may also separate and shred plastics too.

Useful functions include:

  • Filter one or multiple local authorities from the dropdown menu to look for sites within a specific geographical area, e.g. local to your facility.
  • Filter by permit type to help you to narrow down options to find the type, or form of material you're looking for.
  • Filter by site type to find the type of process you're looking for.

Use the information within the Circular Materials Map to create a plastics and paper circular economy in Wales.

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